The Old House Hostel

Common Areas

The Old house has plenty of common space to relax or meet fellow travelers. Our breezy balcony is always a favorite, with couches, tables and hammocks, you can find your own nook or join the crowd. Located in the center of the hostel is our living room. There you will find our large dining table great for sharing a home cooked meal from our kitchen.

The kitchen is located on the backside of the hostel and offers great views of the town. We have everything you need to prepare your meals, with our full-sized stove, microwave, toaster oven, large sink and plenty of counter space you will feel right at home. We recently opened our second cooking area on the new balcony which offers a beautiful view of San Ignacio. We offer purified water refills, free coffee, and spices. Just near the kitchen is our banquet table with wrap around bench and a small book exchange.

All our rooms share two full sized bathrooms both with hot and cold showers along with an additional two stone showers and two toilets downstairs.